SECONDS - 'Santa' - Santa Platter - Non Personalised

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SECONDS - 'Santa' - Santa Platter - Non Personalised

SECONDS - 'Santa' - Santa Platter - Non Personalised

Start a special Christmas routine for years to come, a wonderful tradition that will encapsulate all the magic that Christmas Eve brings before the big day.

Its not presents that makes Christmas special, more the presence of loved ones and the memories of fun pastimes that are remembered at this special time of the year, in person or great spirit.



SECONDS - 'Santa' - Santa Platter - Non Personalised

Board reads; SANTA “This board is very special, it comes out once a year, to hold yummy christmas treats, for you and your reindeer”.

We class this board as a SECONDS product because the board may have an imperfection with the grain being more prominent or a small amount of wood filler being visible somewhere on the board.

We have since upgraded our boards which we now sell as a personalised product on the website



20cm x 30cm.



Hevea wood.